The Daring Adventures of Captain Lucy Smokeheart (Author and Game Designer)

The Daring Adventures of Captain Lucy Smokeheart is a year-long pirate adventure serial told in monthly episodes. It's also a treasure hunt. Each month a new short ebook tells you of Lucy's latest exploits -- and gives a clue to her treasure. 

The ebooks are now available through multiple channels, including Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

Lucy_Cover_Episode3 copy.jpg

Beyond the Book

The Daring Adventures aren't just a series of short ebooks. Each episode includes a visual puzzle in it. When you solve the puzzle, you can go on the Lucy Smokeheart website to check your answer. If you're right, you'll receive a page of the Captain's log kept by Lucy's brother. By the end of the story, this log will tell you how to find the (virtual) treasure for yourself! 

The series also features monthly Google Hangouts where the audience can ask for help solving puzzles, or just share their thoughts on where the story has gone so far – and where they want it to go next. 

The project had its genesis in a Kickstarter campaign which ultimately collected $7701 from 251 backers.  An ancillary video series, 30 Days of Piracy, supported the fundraising effort.


The Story

Lucy Smokeheart is a lighthearted pirate romp about a pirate captain's journey to find her missing brother and his lost treasure. So far, the story includes carnivorous mermaids! Socialist lizard-people! Enormous amounts of chocolate! The Royal German Marinological Society! Go fish! And much, much more.