The Maester's Path for HBO Game of Thrones (Copywriter)

This transmedia campaign reached out to new and devoted fans alike through a series of sensory experiences meant to create the feeling you had truly stepped into the world of Game of Thrones. Andrea Phillips worked with Campfire Media and particularly the stellar creative director Steve Coulson to execute this ambitious and engaging vision with relentless care for authenticity and quality.

Five Sensory Experiences

The project was structured into five lavish sensory experience, each one crafted to convey the feeling that the audience had stepped into the story.  To begin with, influencers were sent beautifully handcrafted scent chests that evoked specific locations in the world of Westeros.

The program also included virtual experiences: a 3D audio journey through the Inn at the Crossroads that let the audience eavesdrop on conversations and discover their secrets, hopes, and fears; a virtual construction of the Wall, where you could stand guard as a member of the Night's Watch; and Ice and Fire, an iOS app that gave you an exclusive window into locations in the show based on current weather conditions.

Finally, for taste, we teamed up with star chef Tom Colicchio to recreate dishes authentic to the story. Lucky fans in New York and Los Angeles were able to taste them by visiting food trucks available for just a few days. 


The Maester's Path

These sensory experiences also held the potential for a deeper level of engagement. Each experience included a puzzle to be solved. Dedicated fans could solve all five to earn their Maester's chain by visiting The Maester's Path.


Pledge Your Allegiance

HBO asked Campfire to follow up The Maester's Path in the second season with Pledge Your Allegiance, a campaign that encouraged fans to declare their loyalties to a noble house. An exclusive Wondercon event showed the price of disloyalty — attendees lined up for an exclusive green-screen rendering of their own heads on a pike.

Fans also submitted tens of thousands of videos taking the oath to join the Night's Watch, resulting in an inspiring remix truly by and for fans. And many of the most dedicated fans made the ultimate pledge — getting the sigil of a noble house tattooed on their skin.