End of an Era

No, no, not Deus Ex Machinatio; just another milestone in the career of a freelancer. Not a happy one, but without the valleys, the peaks would not be such a victory, would they?

For the last two years and more, I've been working on a long-term project with a private client dedicated to making an immersive narrative-driven Airsoft environment. Think of it as live-action steampunk Call of Duty, and you'd be in the right general ballpark. Alas, this project has run out of funding without ever getting its legs under it.

It's been a wild two years. In that time I created models for a game economy, trying to calculate how much physical currency to create and in what denominations. I fine-tuned rules for basic Airsoft play governing how to handle injuries, hospitals, vehicles, and more. I designed play scenarios that could adapt to fluctuating numbers of players and multiple factions, and with a variety of goals to keep play fresh. I created history and storylines for the world this took place in; actually I did that a few times, as our vision gradually shifted. I storyboarded and scripted and wrote fictional news articles; I even collaborated on the design of some room escape games conceived as part of a side business.

It was a really interesting project, and I'm sad that some of those ideas will never get their tires kicked hard enough to know how solidly I built them. It's not the first time I've done work that will never see an audience, and I'm sure not the last time, either. That's business, I suppose.

But alas, having your most reliable long-term client run out of funding puts quite a hole in your budget, it turns out. So this is me putting up the Bat-signal: I'm looking for new projects, and I'd appreciate it if you'd pass on my name should you hear of anything I could help to make better. I'm a big believer that 90% of being lucky is keeping your mind open, so I'm willing to consider all kinds of possibilities. Let me know?

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