Anne of Green Gables Book Club

For the record, this all happened because Kate Lechler was watching Anne of Green Gables on TV on Friday. And I was all "Hey I've never read those books, should I read them?" And Adam Rakunas was all, "I never read them either, should we read them together?" and like ten minutes later there was this whole big... plan.

Here's that plan: starting today, we are going to read Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. As we go, we're going to talk about our immediate reactions on the Twitter hashtag #AoGG. If we finish the first book and we can tolerate it, we're gonna keep going with the series.

On Oct. 17 we're going to check in and talk about our progress in a deeper and more reflective conversation. Then on Oct. 31 we're going to have a final chat about what we're taking away from the books, what we read (or didn't read), and how we feel about the series as a whole.

We'd really love to get some others to read along and chat about it with us! If it helps, the books are available for free in ebook format on Project Gutenberg (and very likely in paper at your local library.) And if there are any L.M. Montgomery fans or scholars, we'd love for you to fill us in on context we're missing—or just chuckle at what we make of it as we go!

This is going to be SUPER FUN. Now if you'll excuse me... I have some reading to do!

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