The Cultures 171: K-drama, Westworld, and Sous Vide

Alas I missed my Monday morning reminder of Sunday's episode of The Cultures, but hey, better late than never?

This was a fun episode—we all focused on things that we're excited about. I got to talk at length about my K-drama in progress, Queen Seon Duk, and how the translation for it makes a lot of interesting creative choices that make me deeply aware of how invisible and undervalued an art translation usually is. Adrian sold us on the wonders of Westworld, a show that sounds like it was pretty much created for me to enjoy it, though I haven't started watching it yet. And Naomi extolled the virtues of sous vide cookery, which... I don't know, I still think it sounds like food poisoning in just several hours.

As always you can get this week's episode on LibSyn or on iTunes. Hope you enjoy our chat!

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