NaNoWriMo 2016

It's that time of year, friends! And by that I mean: NaNoWriMo time. Thirty days. Fifty thousand words. Awwwwwww yeah it's happening!

Almost every year I mean to do National Novel Writing Month, and with uncanny frequency, some big chunk of something-or-other renders it impossible. Houseguests and holidays to Disney World. Conventions and conflicting deadlines. There was that one showstopping year with the hurricane and ensuing two-week power outage. As a rule, June, July, and August make much better novel writing months for me. (I've done the summer version before, Camp NaNoWriMo, with great success.)

But not this year, baby. The stars are aligning, and everything is poised for this to be the best chance I've ever had. I'm already clearing my decks—I'll be turning articles and posts in early, finishing the last couple of episodes of my K-drama in progress, getting proactive with all the little fiddly things I could do but don't have to do yet. I know this can't and won't be the only writing I do in November—I've got some other deadlines to hit—but I'm laying the groundwork to give myself the best possible chance of success. 

Even so, I'll be honest: I'm... kind of cheating. Technically. If you care about rules or whatever.

See, I'll be working on a book I've already started. Right now the manuscript stands at about 9K words, and I've got another 5K that may be rescued from a prior draft. But my goal is to get to 70K in all, not just the 50K NaNoWriMo standard, so I think that's fine.  If I add 50K, that'll be a triumph. Because the secret of NaNoWriMo is that even if you don't finish and "win," you've still won by trying. Even if you write only 20K words, or 5K, or just 500. If it's more than you would have written otherwise, that's a victory!

One of the most delightful things about NaNoWriMo, though, is that you're not in it alone. So if you'd like to work along with me this November, maybe we can be writing buddies? I'm andrhia over there. I'll be happy to cheer you on, and I can take all the cheering I can get, too. Because something always comes up in November. Always. But I bet if we try, we can all pull it off anyway!

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