The Cultures 170: Amazon Echo, the iPhone 7, and Disobedience

Remember back in 2013 when I told you I'd started up a new podcast called The Cultures with Adrian Hon and Naomi Alderman? We're still running strong all these years later, and yet it turns out lots of people don't even know I have a podcast. Because we never talk about it, we just do it!

It's podcasting verité—no editing, just roughly 30 minutes a week of unfiltered chat about technology, art, culture, politics, religion, how to be a better human, and how all of these things intersect one another. I treasure recording these podcasts because I get to spend time talking to two smart, wonderful people about interesting topics. Maybe you'll enjoy listening for the same reason?

In this week's episode, Adrian reviews his new Amazon Echo and Alexa, I review the iPhone 7 Plus and Siri, and Naomi talks a little bit about the development of a film based on her book Disobedience. You can find us on iTunes or on LibSyn, whatever works for you! And from here on out I'll try to post a podcasting reminder on Mondays. Because what's the point of doing a podcast if you don't actually tell people about it?

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