Confusion 2016: Here I Come!

Confusion 2016 is coming! And it is a conference! In Detroit! (Actually in Novi, Michigan, so named because it was stop number six on the rail line. ...Wait for it...)

Best of all I am going to Confusion! And also I am on programming! And here is my schedule! I mean if you like that kind of thing.

Saturday 11am Crossing the Streams
Where are the lines in genre conventions and what happens when we cross them? What needs to happen to make something a crossover vs. a fusion? Do transmedia projects and genre fluidity benefit the genre? How does crossover in media experiences and production impact the kinds of stories we see on the screen?

Saturday 12pm There's an App For That?!
Is the ability to interact with online applications a determining factor of human productivity?  What are the benefits and pitfalls of app-based interactions with the world around you?

Saturday 2pm Any Similarity to Real People is Completely Coincidental
It's easy to pretend that made up worlds shrug off the bias and stereotypes of our reality. Orcs and Elves, Drow and Ogres, and dozens of other constructs grounded in bigoted world views say different. What can we learn from these mistakes? How do we keep these stereotypes from bleeding through into our made up worlds.

Saturday 3pm Something Something Self-Driving Cars
Listen I don't have the official description but I am on this panel and it is the one thing I session I super wanted to be on because I lurrrrrrve to talk about self-driving cars so come on by and see me get excited about not ever having to drive again!

Saturday 5pm Autograph Session 2
OMG I could sign things! Like books! Or postcards! Heck, I'll even sign someone else's books if you like!

Saturday 7pm The Aftermath of Canon
Star Wars recently relegated all of its Expanded Universe fiction to non-canon, which was tantamount to betrayal for many fans. Aftermath, a novel in the new canon, was met with many reviews that could not come to grips with a Star Wars that included gay characters. How well did Disney handle their canon situation? And is there a place for fiction that services its readers' bias?

Sunday 10am Singularity for the Rest of Us
Is post-humanism really as straight, white, and Western as it often seems? How can science fiction talk about post-body identities without diminishing or dismissing embodied identity and experience? This panel will discuss the stories out there that complicate the uploaded experience.

As you can see, Saturday is jam-packed, so if you want to say hi, maybe track me down Thursday or Friday? I'm just saying your odds of a quality schmooze will be way higher. And on that note: see you there!

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