Here's another piece of news I've been sitting on for... quite a while, actually, because it still doesn't feel entirely real and I have representation trauma or something. but! Guess what! I have a new agent! I am beyond delighted to say I am now represented by Zoe Sandler at ICM.

You guys. You guys. This has been a revelation for me, because Zoe is straight-up excited about the fiction I'm writing and the ideas I have. I showed some comments she'd given me to an author friend, who commented they wished they got emails like that from their own agent. Sparkles! Joy! I don't feel like talking to her is begging favors or imposing, you know? 

I'm pretty sure this is what an excellent agent-author relationship is supposed to look like.

And not just touchy-feely, either -- it's working on the business side. So far she's sold Taiwanese rights for A Creator's Guide and negotiated some work for me with Serial Box, the details of which are still shhhhhh very secret, we'll be talking about that more later. And we'll probably be putting a new novel manuscript on the market in the next couple of months. Editors, keep your eyes peeled. 

So going forward, if you want to hire me to design games or marketing work, you should still talk to me. But if you'd like to publish my next novel, make an audiobook for Revision, option Lucy Smokeheart to make an animated series, or translate A Creator's Guide into Finnish, talk to Zoe. She's awesome! It will be terrific.

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