Community Building Panel!

I don't do a lot of speaking these days, but when I do, I pick and choose very carefully -- which is how you know the StoryForward NYC panel on the art of community building is going to be SUPER AWESOME.

This session is going to be 100% snake oil free, guaranteed. We're not going to be all "yeah it's important to build a community, you have to engage people, man, the secret is to build content's really engaging," which is nice and all. It's even accurate (mostly), but it doesn't get you any closer to actually knowing how to do that thing. We are going to talk about how to do that thing! Actual useful techniques and methods! Things you can try! I want you to walk out of there with at least three concrete ideas for how to build and manage a community of your very own.

And speaking of community: StoryForward is a fantastic, warm, supportive community of creators, and you should join the meetup so you know when the next shindig will be, too. It's my perpetual regret that I can't make it to every single one, usually due to family-related scheduling conflicts. 

The details: it's this Monday Sept. 21 from 6 to 7:30pm. There is an admission cost, but it's only one lousy dollar. It's at New York Women in Film and Television at 6 East 39th St., Suite 1200. In New York, of course.

There's not a ton of room in the venue, so please RSVP at to reserve your space. And it's going to be so great. So great! Hope to see you there!

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