30 Days and Counting

...Technically it's 29 days until REVISION COMES OUT YOU GUYS. That means the next several weeks are going to be full of links to podcasts and guest posts and me flailing my hands in the air and freaking out.

This in particular is a milestone day for me and this book, because today brought me a starred review in Publishers Weekly! "Terrific SF debut," they say! "Her fresh voice will be very welcome in the SF world," they say! 

But you don't have to take their word for it. You can read the first three chapters at Fireside Magazine today! I am full of all kinds of emotions right now. Full. There is no room in me for anything else.

And yet it's hard to say what this will mean in terms of actual sales. Publishers Weekly is primarily a resource for bookstores and librarians, and the fact that our print version is POD will probably soften or maybe even (alas) eliminate any bump we might have had. I was never getting distribution at Barnes & Noble to begin with, right? But I feel like this is a marker of credibility; more people are likely to take a chance on me with that floating around out there. And so that 1,500 books sold benchmark seems more attainable now, though 30,000 still seems laughably remote. Hey, you never know?

That said... the needle hasn't moved on my Amazon sales rank since this morning, so there hasn't been an immediate sales boost. So let me sweeten the pot: You trust a PW reviewer to know what they're talking about? Like what you see in those first three chapters? Think it's a book for you? Preorder for Kindle or Kobo (aw yeah affiliate links!) and then send me an email with the order confirmation, and I'll send you a signed postcard as a thank-you.

Four weeks, give or take, and then we'll see how much fuel this rocket's got in the tank. Four weeks. If ever there were a time to take up nail-biting...

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