2015: So That Happened

Right. 2015! Dang. Just DANG, you guys.

While writing this post, I couldn't get over how much I've fit into twelve measly months. Things that happened in September already feel like they were a year ago, and last January might as well have happened in 2010. Or maybe 1999.

This has been an eventful year, to say the least. A year of spinning plates (and breaking some.) A year of oh-god-make-it-stop, please let me have two boring weeks in a row. Isn't that a thing? Don't people soemtimes have whole weeks where nothing very surprising happens? Months, even? I could swear I remember a time when life was like that.

Basically 2014 was a corker, and then 2015 decided that had looked like fun, so it kept up the pace. 

Work's Been Great

Let's start with the easy stuff: I'm not sure I've ever had a better year, professionally. Not even in the award-winning years. 

The big, big thing: I made my novel debut with Revision, which has been received better than I could possible have imagined. I got a few short stories and such published. And Lothian Airsoft, my ongoing client project, continues to sail along.

I also finished Lucy Smokeheart's Daring Adventures, at long last. And I polished off The Daring Mermaid Expedition, too -- a Lucy-world game/interactive novel that will be out in a matter of weeks. (OMG!)

I got a new agent! I sold A Creator's Guide to Taiwan! I went to World Fantasy Con and Phoenix Comicon! I taught a transmedia workshop in Austria, and briefly visited Vienna and Russia!

And perhaps best of all, I wrote a whole new book -- The Luck Eaters, née Felicity, which will be going on the market in a few weeks. And I also wrote a couple of novellas, which you'll be hearing more about before too much longer.

I knew it was going to be a red-letter year, but I didn't realize just how bright a red.

Personal Stuff Is More Complicated

But as lovely as the year has been professionally, my personal life has been characterized by... disruption, to put it kindly.

I came into January recovering from pneumonia, a process which was slow and not fully complete until this summer when I got some amaaaaaayyyyyzing new asthma drugs. (So amazing, in fact, that I now have an amount of energy I last saw in my late twenties.)

Then we figured out I have a kidney stone which is just going to sit there aching me for... probably ever. So I have that going for me.

We've pretty well concluded that my younger kid does not, in fact, have glaucoma, but my older kid has suffered bouts of mysterious and undiagnosed abdominal pain since April, which has been stressful for all of us. I'm spending easily a dozen hours a week dealing with phone calls and appointments for my sick child lately, because American healthcare freaking sucks.

We bat mitzvahed our daughter the same month Revision came out, which was wonderful and touching and we are simultaneously bursting with pride and so, so glad it's done. 

We got a new washer and dryer! Which was great except for the part where our new washing machine then broke for two full months before we could get it replaced, much less repaired. Along the way it leaked and damaged my laundry room walls and floors, and repairs are a work in progress. *looks at calendar* No seriously, the contractor says he might come by tomorrow. Or the next day.

But I didn't have skin cancer, not even one time! So that's nice?

Onward to 2016

The thing I've learned from 2015 is that too much going on in your life is hard, even if it's all great stuff. So my hope is for 2016 to be much more boring.

I need to finish up edits on The Luck Eaters in the next few weeks. And then The Daring Mermaid Expedition will be out -- and Circus of Mirrors, too. We'll be talking about those novellas! Maybe even Lothian Airsoft! I'm going to go on a cruise, which I've never done before! And maybe snorkeling, which I've also never done before! I might even sell The Luck Eaters to a publisher, and I hope to write at least one more book in 2016 -- and two is better. 

So 2016 looks pretty packed out of the gate, and my chances of a boring year aren't that great. But maybe I can get a boring month? Let's call if for March, OK? March, you're on notice. You'd better not let anything happen at all. Because jeez do I really, really need a break.

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