Awards Eligibility 2015

We have entered the time of year in which authors make lists of which works of theirs are eligible in which awards categories. I consider it a feminist act to promote myself and my own work, and so nothing short of an obligation. Accordingly, here are my awards-eligible works for 2015.


Short Story
In Loco Parentis
Children of Rouwen
Antaius in the Heavens Among the Stars
The McKinnon Account

This was my publishing debut year, and so I am also eligible for the Campbell Award for New Writers. This may come as a surprise to long-time readers, since I've been a professional writer for many years now. But none of those works count as publication under the Campbell's rubric, because every scrap has been for a game, marketing campaign, self-published, or non-fiction. None of those works start your Campbell clock. But now? Tick-tock, friends.

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