Twitter Scavenger Hunt Rules

What's a birthday celebration without a party game to playtest? Tonight starting at 9pm Eastern, we'll be having a Twitter Scavenger Hunt. Here are the rules:

• Every so often, I'll post a challenge for you to find with the hashtag #andreatsh. Each challenge will also include a unique hashtag, starting with #tsh1 and moving on. I'll be posting new ones as I see fit, and not on any particular schedule, so keep your eyes peeled. 

• You find an image that fits the bill. You can search for something already out there on the interwebs, or you can photograph or Photoshop something of your own. Some things will be easy to find, some not so much. Part of your strategy will be deciding which challenges to go after, and which to skip over in order to rack up the most points.

• When you've found (or made!) something, link it on Twitter with the hashtag for what it's a response to, so I know how to credit the points. Also use the hashtag #andreatsh so bystanders can keep track of the game if they like!

• First response in gets ten points, second gets five, all others get one point. From time to time, I may also award style points for an exceptional entry -- up to fifteen, especially if an entry obviously took a lot of effort to create.

• The game will be over when I run out of challenges or I get tired and have to go to bed, whichever comes first.

• There will be prizes! The prizes are candy. When the game is over, email me your post address to and I'll send out your winnings and/or a participation certificate sometime later this week.

Right. We're ready? We're set? Let's have some fun out there! :D :D

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