Goodbye, 2014

This sure has been a corker of a year, huh? Up and down, up and down. 

I feel like I shipped practically nothing this year -- the only things I can point to and say "I did this" are National Geographic's Expedition Granted plus a handful of short stories and Lucy episodes. Not enough. Nowhere near enough, and that's not just the neurosis that insists nothing is ever enough.

But this has been the year my daughter almost had glaucoma (but then didn't) and we almost didn't have health insurance (but then we did.) The year I had my gall bladder removed. The year I had skin cancer. (Again.) The year I had freaking pneumonia, and in fact I am not quite recovered as I write this. And so this has been the year of blown deadlines and despair. The year of extenuating circumstances.

But this is also the year The Walk game came out. It's the year I started to sell original fiction to publishers, including what will be my debut novel. The year I got to eat gluten again, and the year I got to go to London's Worldcon and even attend the Hugos party. It bears noting that this has been a year in which I got to see many layers of kindness from my friends and colleagues, who have been universally compassionate about the neverending litany of extenuating circumstances with which I have wrestled.

New seeds have been planted, too. 2014 is the year I started thinking about and inching toward some larger-scale indie transmedia works, the fruits of which are not yet ripe. Perhaps most important of all, this is the year Lothian Airsoft came into my life, again, the fruits of which are, again, not yet ripe. 

And next year is looking really amazing

So. 2014. It's been a wild ride, and somehow I've lived through all of it, not much worse for wear -- arguably better than ever. There's been a lot of bad but so much good mixed in that I can't quite resent you.

Welcome, 2015. You're walking into some very high expectations. But you're up to the job. I believe in you.

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