Lucy in Cold, Hard Numbers: Part 2

(The first part of this post is available here.)

Continuing my campaign of aggressive transparency, let's carry on with sharing Lucy Smokeheart sales numbers, shall we?

To recap: in May and June, I sold a combined 38 episodes for 99 cents each, 1 subscription at $9.99, and gave away 5 episodes for free, in addition to the 251 Kickstarter backers. That brought my total post-Kickstarter take from the series to $21 precisely.

During July and August, I released episodes 3 and 4, in both cases around the middle of the month. Here's how they did:

iBooks: 3
Amazon: 13
Gumroad subscriptions: 1
Gumroad single episodes: 1
Freebies given: 110 

Total take: $17.07

B&N: 1
Amazon: 30
Gumroad subscriptions: 2
Gumroad single episodes: 1
Freebies given: 1 

Total take: $32.10*

*This is slightly inflated, because I've added in £1.04 to the sum without converting it to dollars, but I figure it's close enough.

I have run a couple of KDP free promotions in this period, and they don't seem to do much for Lucy Smokeheart, to be honest. You're supposed to see a halo effect where copies given away boost sales of later installments -- but in the few days after a Lucy freebie sale, I've seen basically no movement in the other episodes, and in fact a significant number of my sales are from the first episode alone. This could indicate that the first episode isn't compelling enough to actually sell anyone on reading further. Unpleasant if true, but it's definitely something that bears looking at.

What else do these numbers show us? Well, the series appears to be gradually gaining inertia -- each month is reporting more sales than the last, which is nice, even if it is mostly the first episode selling. I'm still not getting rich, but I do quite like the upward trajectory going on here. $6, $10, $17, $32 -- why, at this rate of growth, my advisors (by which I mean my actuary husband) projects it could hit several hundred dollars a month in month 12! Definitely nothing to sneeze at!

...Just one snag -- September's been a bad, bad month, so that rate of growth definitely hasn't continued. But I'll share that chapter in another month or two, once the totals are in. Until next time!

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