Lucy in Cold, Hard Numbers

In the interests of sticking to my policy of aggressive transparency, I'd like to share with you my sales figures for the first two months (and episodes) of The Daring Adventures of Captain Lucy Smokeheart. Brace yourselves, you guys, this is a biting dose of reality I'm about to dish out right here.

First, for background: the Kickstarter had 251 backers, so I've "sold" 251 copies of Episode 1, and about 248 of Episode 2. (There were a few backers who went in for only one episode.) But I also made Episode 1 available on Amazon, Gumroad, and Barnes & Noble on May 1. Episode 2 went live on June 9. And both episodes went up on iBooks and Kobo on June 23 (or thereabouts, it's published through Draft2Digital which is... not superb for analytics.)

So how is it selling, apart from Kickstarter backers? Like hotcakes, or like... some other, less desirable kind of cake? Judge for yourselves.

iBooks/Kobo: not yet available
Amazon: 15
B&N: 1
Gumroad: 3

All said and done, in May I earned on the order of $5.70.

iBooks/Kobo: 7 (five of those for free)
Amazon: 12 sold
B&N: 3 sold
Gumroad: 3 bundles sold (one for free), including one subscription to the whole series for $9.99

June made a little more money: we're up to around $15.30. (In late June I dropped the price of Episode 1 to free everywhere except Amazon and B&N, and made a subscription to the whole series available on Gumroad.)

Well! I don't know about you, but I would not consider this a meaningful supplement to my income. That is, however, about what I expected -- actually better than I could have expected, given that all of the people most inclined to give Lucy a shot already backed the Kickstarter. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that numbers pick up some once I have a critical mass of episodes out, but you know, it may not.

To that end, I should probably do more promotion than tweeting once in a while. Once I've released three or maybe four episodes, I may start harrassing friends with blogs or podcasts to see if I can coerce them into giving me three minutes (or three paragraphs). If you'd be interested in running an interview or a guest post from me, do let me know! I am so there!

And meanwhile: It definitely bears noting that I am really enjoying the process of working on Lucy, regardless of riches gained or, you know, not actually gained at all. I've wanted to do a longer project, something that I owned outright, for a long time now. It feels good to stop waiting for permission.

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