An Observation On My Experience of Sexism

I've been on something of a roll over the last couple of weeks, apparently. I made a pithy observation about a Texas politician during #istandwithwendy that was retweeted widely and Tumbled tens of thousands of times. I wrote about why I haven't signed the Scalzi pledge; John Scalzi himself retweeted it, which increased the attention on the piece a good three or four orders of magnitude. Earlier in the week, I wrote a piece on Medium about why Medium isn't a very good deal for writers. That's been linked from Ycombinator this morning, and according to Medium stats, the piece is coming close to 10 thousand views. 

Whew! That's a lot of attention, isn't it? (Now if someone could just tell me how to make that happen with The Daring Adventures of Captain Lucy Smokeheart. Heh.)

It may have escaped your notice, but I am a person with ladyparts. No, seriously! And we all know what that means in the tech/geek/internet world, right? All that fresh attention means people are inevitably going to be talking about how bangable I am. Or if they disagree with me, how I'm a fat ugly slut. Right? I mean, that's just how the internet works, right?

Wrong! Shockingly, all of these conversations have focused on the ideas and content presented, not on my appearance and/or worth as a human being. People are definitely disagreeing with me -- especially on that Medium piece -- but the discourse hasn't been about my gender. Not about me at all, in fact. Gosh, it's almost like nobody even cares if I'm a man or a woman! Isn't that great?

In fact, out of all of the tens of thousands of people who have read something I've written in the last couple of weeks, I've only had one outright sexist attack...



...and that was a troll I had kickbanned from a chatroom. Don't lose hope in the fight, comrades. We've taken a lot of ground already.

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