30 Days of Piracy

In support of Lucy Smokeheart, I've been releasing a video every day in which I do a piratey thing or unleash some pirate true facts. We're up to Day 11 now, and I've learned something. It's a lot of work! Good grief, I'm spending hours a week on staging and make-up and recording and editing!

Why, you may ask, am I bothering with such a thing? It's a cunning cover story, basically. To get a Kickstarter funded you have to do a lot of reminding people that it exists. But daily Tweets and Facebook posts "Remember! I still want ALL OF YOUR MONEYS!" are sleazy, spammy, and not the energy I want present in my community or my social interactions.

With my 30 Days videos, though, I'm putting a little bit of free content out there into the world and hoping they put a smile on someone's face. Giving and not just asking. It's a subtle distinction, but a meaningful one. As the Wendig would say, "Be a fountan, not a drain."

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