In Which I Fail At Something Important To Me

So. Sooooooo. SO! I have this Kickstarter running.

When I set it up, I wanted to find a way to say "we are going to try to go about this in a way that is not sexist and racist." Because I am Like That. But, you know, just saying it outright can sound sort of dry and humorless, rather than jaunty and piratey. So I referenced a bunch of awful tropes I planned on devotedly not using, and said I wasn't going to do those things: the damsel in distress, the noble savage, the magical negro.

I screwed up real bad, you guys.

I'm used to talking to people who think about these things all the freakin' time, and who know that when I say I'm not using magical negroes, what I mean is "I am not planning on throwing in people of color with no inner life or motivation who exist only to dispense wisdom to white people."

Buuuuut it turns out that not everyone is familiar with this terminology, and if you don't know what that means, it sounds really, realllllly bad.

I've already edited the Kickstarter to try to be more clear and less clever. I'm hoping someone can tell me whether I've fixed it enough or not. Any feedback on this front would be very welcome indeed.

And meanwhile, gosh, I'm so sorry. I talk all the time about the ethics of context, and I should have thought a little more about context here when I was writing my Kickstarter copy. I hope nobody was hurt by my words, and if you were... my deepest apologies. I screwed up horribly. I didn't mean to, and I'll try not to do it again.

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