ARGs and LARPs and Me

Tomorrow at 1pm Eastern/10AM Pacific, I'm going to be taking part in the webinar series that the LA transmedia meetup (and in particular, Scott Walker) are putting together in the run-up to StoryWorld! The sessions is called "ARGs, LARPS, and Transmedia – What’s the Difference, Anyway?" I'll be a guest along with LARP expert Aaron Vanek. Here's the description, all official-like:

Alternate reality game. Live-­‐action role-­‐playing. Transmedia. These labels for storytelling and immersive experiences continue to spark definitional debates. But do these separate practices actually have some commonalities? Are they complementary? Are they even, perhaps, potentially describing the same thing? With an understanding based on years of playing and designing these kinds of experiences, Aaron Vanek and Andrea Phillips will explore the intersection of ARGS, LARPs, and transmedia... 

I expect it's going to be a fabulous time, and I'd love for you to take a listen and poke us with your sure-to-ve-insightful questions. Please do register for the event! The smart money says it's going to be a really fun conversation.

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