SXSW, Storyworld, and Empty Promises

News! I have news for you about many, many things. First up: I have a panel proposal up for SXSW! It is called Harnessing the Power of Snark. I made a video about it.

And I guess that's about it for that.

Next up: Storyworld! I won't be there this year, but I will be taking part in a podcast series F+W is conducting beforehand, arranged by the ever-fabulous Scott Walker. I'll be talking with Scott and Aaron Vanek about ARGs, LARPs, and the difference therein. But there are also many, many other podcasts there that you should take a look at -- it's some seriously great programming. Register now!

Beyond that, my schedule has gone FWOOOM the last couple of months, and I have quite a lot of appearances coming up and interviews to report and so on and so forth. But... can I do that later? Please? I have, um, a thing. I have a thing I have to do. So yeah. See you later?

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