Balance of Powers

And now, let's take a break from being emo for a while and talk about much more exciting things. Such as Balance of Powers! Remember that one time last summer when I did a Kickstarter together with Naomi Alderman, Adrian Hon, and David Varela? Alt-history cold war occult thriller, we said. Just give us a little money to make it more awesome. And you gave and gave. And now! We have done it! Now Balance of Powers is live! Go! Read! Talk on the forums!

We're sending out updates once a week, with intermittent bonus content sent to subscribers in between. The first of those went out yesterday. And other very, very exciting things are happening, as well...

I do love me a good launch announcement. More of these on the way, amigos. I've been a busy girl the last few months, and I sure do have a lot of show-and-tell to do! 

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