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Last Thursday, Chuck Wendig ran what I think may be the best interview I've ever done. I talk about characters and voice and why you should use transmedia. As a bonus, it includes a 2000-word story about a mouse that is 100% factually true. Please do take a look!

Not to be outdone, StoryForward also ran an interview with me -- they were even kind enough to edit out the most egregious moments of my blather. Better yet, it's not just me on the line -- you can listen to JC Hutchins and Steve Peters say insightful and entertaining things about the wider world of transmedia entertainment. And best of all, you can win a copy of my book by listening to it! Go, listen!

Speaking of my book -- A Creator's Guide is in the wild, and I have high hopes for it... but I need your help to make it happen, you guys. If you haven't bought a copy, please consider doing so. People I did not even know before are using words like "phenomenal" and "inspiring" to describe it! If you're on the fence, feel free to read excerpts from Chapter 1 and Chapter 5 and make your own mind up from there.

If you HAVE read the book... please consider leaving a review on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, your own blog, wherever you're comfortable. And I do mean whether you liked it or not; it'll help other creators decide whether it's right for them. That said, if you did happen to like it, please consider recommending it to a friend or colleague, letting someone borrow your copy, and in general helping me to let the world know that this book exists.

And finally! It looks like my email newsletter through Mailchimp isn't always sending out the welcome email. This is a problem, because that email contains the link to download A Creator's Bundle, my companion piece of sample project planning documents.

If you've signed up for my newsletter, didn't get the welcome message after confirming your address, and you'd like to know where your copy of A Creator's Bundle is... please drop me a line on email or Twitter and I'll make sure to get that link out to you right away. Thanks so much for your patience!

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