Write A Review Day

Writers, readers, creators all. I've noticed something in my experiences with Shiva's Mother and Other Stories and A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling. It's really, really hard to get people to write a review of your book. Presumably because it's time-consuming, maybe a little embarrassing, and it just doesn't seem like a big deal.

But having reviews on Amazon winds up being really important to the success of a book -- there's some evidence that reviews are one of the things Amazon takes into account in their suggestion engine. (Of course nobody outside Amazon knows for sure.) Reviews can make a book you love more visible -- and visibility translates into sales.

So I'd like you challenge you to write at least one review of a book on Amazon today. It doesn't have to be one of mine -- and if it is one of mine it doesn't have to be glowing (or even positive!). But especially if there's an author you love and want to support, do 'em a solid and write a review today. It only takes a few minutes, and you could really make a difference.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is: Today I've written reviews for All Things Wicked by Karina Cooper, Unicorn Variations by Roger Zelazny, and Mockingbird by Sean Stewart

Now it's your turn. Go. Write a review of a book you love, and encourage everyone you know to do the same. It's a mitzvah.

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