NY_Hearts LES

Remember how I said I was tired of promoting me-me-me and I would shine the spotlight on other people for a whole week? Yeah, I sort of fell down on that, just because I haven't been posting. Sorry 'bout that. But! It's not too late to follow through!

So today I have another worthy Kickstarter effort for you: NY_Hearts, brought to you by JD Carter. This project is a location-driven audio drama -- you go to places on the Lower East Side, and find out what happened there in the story. And the best part? It sounds downright steamy, an element we are sadly missing from the transmedia landscape.

Even if you're not in New York, JD has a plan -- he's offering a package including the audio drama plus shots of the locations to provide a more immersive feeling, so you can get a taste of the experience no matter where you are. Seven days to go. Check it out and maybe buy a ticket!

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