Good Things Come in Threes

...and it just so happens I have three good things to tell you about!

First off, it's still not too late to snag your tickets to tomorrow night's book launch event. By "tomorrow" I of course mean Tuesday, June 26, at 7pm. I'll talk about craft, transmedia, and that whole book thing with Matt Bolish, maybe sign some books, and hopefully have an all-around good time. And if you sign up for news about FilmLinc's Convergence programming, you can even snag a $2 discount on the ticket price! 

But I have my own special offer for you, too. If you come to the event and tell me you're a Deus Ex Machinatio reader, I'll give you secret stickers. One of them might have a robot on it. Another might have a llama on it. Also I will give you a high-five and/or handshake depending on your personal preference. You can even just say "your blog" since nobody knows how the heck to pronounce or spell "Deus Ex Machinatio." We're cool.

Next up! Indiewire has published an excerpt from Chapter 5 of A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling. Look at it, read it, enjoy it. Perhaps even consider... buying the book! And also leaving a review.

And finally: On Saturday I finally released A Creator's Bundle, the long-promised bundle of sample planning documents for a completely fictitious as well as fictional transmedia Romeo and Juliet adaptation. They're meant as a companion piece to A Creator's Guide. It includes live event planning documents, a sample interaction user flow chart, a budget, and more!

If you'd like to snag the bundle for your very own self, then all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter. (The download link will arrive in your welcome email after you've confirmed your email address.) Don't worry, I'm much too busy to send anything out more than once a month, so you won't be hopping onto the express train to Spam City or anything.

And that's it for today. Hope to see you tomorrow night!

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