A Creator's Guide is Launched!

It's here, it's here, the day is here! A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling is on sale at an internet retailer or even a physical bookstore near you! (Unless you don't live in North America, in which case you have another six weeks to wait on the physical bookstore part. Sorry?)

Buy it on Amazon! Or Barnes & Noble! At Powell's! Or Chapters! Or any other bookseller you like, because, you know, I'm not picky. I'd also appreciate it very much if you could leave reviews -- honest ones, mind -- once you've read it. (I love praise as much as the next girl, but saying it's better than it is doesn't do me any favors in writing a better book next time!)

A Creator's Guide is my effort to spread to the world everything I know about the art and craft of telling transmedia stories. The effort here was to make something 100% useful from the moment you pick it up, no matter if you're a transmedia novice or a skilled practitioner in your own right. Emphasis here on practical.

It includes everything from suggestions on how to choose your media to what kinds of prior art you should learn from and even how much a transmedia professional should charge. Yes, with real numbers. I've done everything I could to make it the best and most useful book I could, and I really hope you get a lot out of it.

And here I'd like to stop and note that this book is the culmination of a lot of good fortune, and more than that, the generosity of many, many people. I am awash in gratitude. I've gone on about it at great an specific length in my acknowledgements, but let me say a briefer version here: I could never have written this book without all of the people I have learned from and leaned on these last ten years. Thank you, all of you. You should be as proud today as I am.

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