A Contest! But First Some Other Stuff

So hi there! Lots going in these last few days before A Creator's Guide comes out, and I thought I should make a note of all of it. An event! An article! A plea to subscribe to my newsletter! Also: A contest. Stay tuned.

First up: I'm having a book launch event on the evening of June 26 at Film Society of Lincoln Center! It's a ticketed event that costs money, but if you can spare the ten bucks, I promise I'll do everything in my power to make it entertaining and informative. And it would mean a lot to me to see some familiar faces there. Please do come! Please. No, really, please?

Next up, you might like to take a look at a piece I wrote for Fast Company's Co.Create blog a week or so ago. It's called Five Lessons for Storytellers from the Transmedia World, and in it I summarize some of the most important ideas from my book. I've been surprised and delighted at how well-received this piece has been. 

And for our last piece of news, I'd like to remind you that I'll be sending out a few sample planning documents to my email list on Friday, as a companion to A Creator's Guide. If you're interested in snagging these for yourself, may I interest you in signing up for the newsletter now

So About That Contest

Some day very, very soon, my book is going to be on real actual shelves in a book store where they sell books in exchange for money. That day might even be today! I would like documentation of this momentous occasion. To that end, I am offering a FABULOUS PRIZE to the first person who sends me a photograph of my book on a shelf in a bookstore in the wild. A real bookstore! Where they are selling my book, for realsies!

You are not eligible to win this contest if you:

* Already possess a copy of the book that I have written in
* Smuggled the book you already own into the store
* Are married to me 

To submit your photo, Tweet it to me, tag me on Facebook, or I guess you could email it. If you like that kind of thing.

So what is this FABULOUS PRIZE, you may ask? It's a SECRET, I tell you. Maybe it's unopened packs of Perplex City cards! Maybe it's a never-before-released piece of writing from my youth! Maybe it's a batch of home-made orange marmalade! The only way to find out... is to win.


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