Shiva's Mother and Other Stories

Remember that one time that I did a Kickstarter ransom for a short story? And then I posted that story under a Creative Commons license? And then I wrote four additional short stories for the backers who went in large? Good times, good times. So good, in fact, that...

I'm going to e-publish the whole shebang as a short story collection. The collection will include Shiva's Mother, the four stories I wrote as rewards, plus I'm throwing in a short called Evocation that I wrote for the Commie Pinko Writing Contest a month or so back (and that won!). Even so, it's going to be a short collection -- probably around 12,000 words of moody, somewhat literary SF. Accordingly, I'm going to price it at $2.99, and I'm aiming to launch on... let's say May 21.

I'm still in the planning phases of this -- trying to decide if I want to do it all indie-style, or if I want to use a service like Vook, etc., etc. If you have insight on these matters, I'd be delighted to hear them.

Beyond that: This is going to be a fun experiment, with basically no risk to me. I've already made more than enough money off of Shiva's Mother -- even including the reward shorts, I've earned a pro rate for this work. So I can afford to take a chance on this and see where it goes.

I'll report sales numbers to you as I have them, in the interests of transparency. I don't expect to make a ton of money, of course; my expectations are in the range of "a nice dinner out," and not "a trip to Disney World." But it'll sure be interesting to find out for sure.

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