Shiva's Mother and Other Stories Is Out!

It's here -- Shiva's Mother and Other Stories! It amounts to 12,000 words and six stories of moody, somewhat literary science fiction -- or maybe fantasy. (Someone please tell me what genre I write?)

It is three bucks! Free on Kindle lending!

I've launched it on Kindle only for now, and I've enrolled in KDP Select, in no small part because I'm very curious about how that plays out. I'll also be doing a 48-hour promotion in which the book will be free-as-in-beer very soon (like, tomorrow and the next day?) I'll share information on how all of that plays out if I can, but I may not be allowed according to Amazon's Terms of Service. I'll need to take a look. Advice on this front appreciated.

So there we have it! A book! Of short stories! That I wrote! That you can buy or maybe read for free! What an amazing world we live in.


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