WGA East Follow-Up

Last night I had the pleasure of conducting a digital storyelling workshop for WGA East. It seemed to go really well, though I got on the express train to Tangent City instead of sticking to my planned outline. 

Anyway! I promised a follow-up post to some of the participants, to expand on some of the subject matter. Here is that information!

Transmedia Documentary

Transmedia documentary is so, so hot right now. This is a nice article about that. Note that we also talked a little about transmedia storytelling for social change -- documentary really ties into that, because on both cases the idea is to take something that is true and make people care about it in the real world. Here are a couple of notable projects:

National Parks Project

Welcome to Pine Point

18 Days in Egypt


This is not my area of expertise, however, and I'd be delighted if someone more knowledgeable than I am were to mention more in the comments.

The Beast

The Beast, also known as the A.I. Game, is one of the things I touched on but didn't cover in much depth. Alas, the original websites for the Beast have long been taken down and the archive site cloudmakers.org is currently infested with malware. 

Wayback to the rescue!

Along the sidebar, you'll find links to copies of most of the in-game websites. Also pay close attention to the Guide, which is a sort of narrative retelling of what it was like to experience the game as it played out. When you're done, you might find it interesting to read this post by lead writer Sean Stewart on what it was like to create this game. Lightning in a bottle, for everyone involved.

And Finally

So hey, it was really lovely to meet all of you, and I'm delighted to continue our conversation. If you were hoping I'd expand on something we talked about, poke me in the comments and I'll see what I can do to get you some answers. Thanks so much for coming!

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