A Creator's Guide, Unabridged

It was important to me that A Creator's Guide not just offer my perspective -- my readers would definitely benefit from hearing about the experience of other creators, too. So as a part of my writing process, I conducted interviews with over a dozen transmedia creators and thinkers who have been extremely influential to me personally, and to the industry as a whole. These appear as Q&As sprinkled throughout the book.

You can read the first of these, a Q&A with Sean Stewart and Elan Lee of Fourth Wall Studios, at the end of the sample chapter already available.

Without exception, these creators were all tremendously generous with their time and their thoughts. As a result, I wound up with much, much more material than would ever fit in the actual book. So as the clock ticks toward the June 22 launch of A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storyelling, I'll be starting up a weekly series posting some of the behind-the-scenes extras from these Q&As -- all of the wonderful stuff that didn't make it into the full printed version. But I'm keeping the list of names as a nice surprise. You'll just have to wait and see!

I'll run these on Mondays as a sort of countdown to Launch Week, so we can all get excited together. Eleven weeks to go!

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