Get Your Guide Signed -- Before It's Printed!

For SXSW this year, I commissioned a bunch of nameplates, so I could do "book signings" even though the actual book wouldn't be out yet. As it happens, I was a little overenthusiastic, so I have quite a number left over.

But why should I let 'em go to waste? Which brings me to a SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME OFFER! If you forward me proof that you've pre-ordered A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling from the retailer of your choice, I'll send you a signed and personalized nameplate, absolutely free!

There's only one catch. (You knew it was coming!) If I send you a nameplate, I'd like you to give some serious thought to reviewing the book once you have the chance to read it. Rate it at Amazon or B&N, write about it in your blog, Tweet about it. Mind you, you're under no obligation to say you like it! Just be honest and say what you think, and I'll consider us square. If you think the Guide the worst collection of drivel ever to burden your shelf, you're welcome to say it, and so be it! Though I deeply and sincerely hope you consider it money well-spent.

If this sounds like something you'd like to get in on, just send your proof of purchase to me at, along with your post address and who you'd like the plate made out to. I'll send 'em out in the next few weeks, so you'll have yours before the books arrive. I'll also send out an email a few days after the book is out, after you've had a chance to start reading, reminding you of that small favor. (Don't worry, though, I won't add you to my email newsletter unless you sign up separately.)

First come, first served, while supplies last. Let's party!

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