In Defense of Kickstarter Spam

Remember that time when I made a flowchart about how to not revert to spammy tactics in promoting your Kickstarter? Turns out it's not sitting so well with everyone, and... well... I got some email on the subject that I think deserves a wider audience.

Dear Mr. Phillips,

I read your recent article on spamming in crowdfunding, and your dismissal of a core tenet of advertising has offended me to the core. As the principal behind an up-and-coming Kickstarter campaign myself, let me assure you: a fool and his money are seldom parted. Some of us don't have major studio reputations or wealthy friends to buy our way into the game. So how do you think the rest of us get that much-needed capital? Volume. And your flowchart practically assures the most volume I'll be looking at is from that hour-long session of shouting at the computer screen I just worked through.

One man's spam may be another man's treasure, so who am I to deny those valiant prospectors their diamond in the rough? The great American magnate John Wanamaker once said, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the problem is I don't know which half." Why won't you let people like me waste that useless half in peace? 

In summary: please give my Kickstarter campaign a look, and consider supporting it. It's for an automated messaging service that crawls the internet for listservs and sends targeted email blasts to every list it finds.

-Anonymous Emailer

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