Choosing Felicity's Core Platforms

Now I have a goal on the table (money) and a funding strategy (DIY now, maybe partners later). That means it's time to spec out platforms and structure for the core tier of Felicity. Since I'm not seeking funding yet, that means that I should take a careful look at the skills and resources I have for free.

Let's see, what do we have here? My first resource is, well... me. And my biggest strength? I do words good. More specifically, I can do a pretty great, voicey first-person (if I do say so myself); third person which is lyrical and moody (but maybe too heavy and lit-fic for Felicity); breezy, conversational nonfiction (hi there!); and rumor has it I have a knack for scripting (or that's what they tell me.) I can do other voices and moods, to be sure, but these are my natural modes of writing and it would be counterproductive to work against that.

Since words are my greatest strength, that means words should be the foundation of Felicity. Third-person is largely why Felicity didn't work as a novel to begin with, so that's out. Scripting is fun but I don't have film resources, so that's out, too. And Felicity is fiction, so my informational writing style is also not a good fit (though it may come in handy later.) So by process of elimination, Felicity's core platform should be first-person text; and since I want to charge money for it, I probably shouldn't do it on the web. I want to build a connection with my audience, not build an audience to connect with advertisers.

The most obvious way to fill these needs is to write a series of novels and self-publish (or try to find another publisher, I suppose.) But that's a little boring, isn't it? It's been done. It's also not likely to provide modest amounts of recurring income in the way I'm hoping for. And worse, it's slooowwww. I'd have to spend a huge chunk of time just writing before I could get to the fun bits where I play with my audience.

And now we have an opportunity for one of my secondary goals to come into play -- I want to stretch the boundaries of my art, right? So let's do something fun and different and experimental. Let's try mid-length chunks of text -- say ten thousand words each, maybe? -- e-published on a schedule of, oh, once a month or so. We'll think more about size, timing, and pricing a little later on.

To make this work, I'd probably need to write a few episodes ahead of time. But the massive, gigantic, overwhelming upside to this is that it allows me to adapt the story as I go in response to my audience, thereby fulfilling another key goal -- making being a part of my fan community a rewarding experience.

That can't be all, though. I mean, it would be a fun publishing experiment, but not really a transmedia one, right? So we've got more planning to do. And of course I have other skills and resources to bake into Felicity's core structure, too... But let's save that for next time.

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