The Why of Felicity

Before I can go very far in establishing a structure and implementation plan for Felicity, I need to be clear with myself on why I'm doing it at all, because that will have implications for how I proceed. So what's my motivation?Art? Piles of money? Attention?

Yes, of course, all of these, and then some. Who doesn't want to be Orson Welles, J.K. Rowling, and Angelina Jolie rolled into one? (OK, maybe not Angelina Jolie -- I've never wanted to be famous, not really.) It may be that Felicity will grow to be a Potter-like phenomenon. A girl can dream, right? But everything has to start somewhere, and for my goals to be helpful, I need to be a little more concrete while I get the party started. So what's my first priority?

My primary motivation here is simple: I do a lot of client work, but it can be a touch-and-go proposition. I'd like to create a steady, recurring income stream that would cushion my wallet during those times when I don't have outside paying projects; something I own, something that is entirely mine. This means two things for my structure: It has to have a revenue stream to be income-bearing, and it has to be serial in order to be recurring.

Just as important are the things I don't want to do. I don't want to start a production company. I don't want to do the rounds seeking financing. These things require a lot of time and energy doing administrative work that isn't fundamentally what I want to do with my life.

That could imply that my structure must be something I can implement entirely on my own. I'm not particularly wealthy, alas, which would put some hard limits on my capabilities -- no video, for example, no apps, probably no live events. I just can't afford it. But... I have an idea, actually, that I'll share next time (and it isn't Kickstarter, either!)

Secondary goals still matter, too. I don't want to limit the possible growth of Felicity -- if I want to be J.K. Rowling or Stephen King eventually, then a limited real-time run ARG-style is a really bad idea. It just wouldn't scale. And other goals, too: I'd like to establish a community of fans for my fiction, so I'll need to find ways to make the experience of being a fan rewarding. And I'd like to experiment at the edges of my art -- but this can directly conflict with my primary goal of creating an income stream, so it can't get first priority.

So that's my cards on the table. This is what I'm ultimately hoping to get out of Felicity. Next time I'll try to bring it down to specifics.

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