A New Blog Series: Making Felicity

I have a story I want to tell.

The seed of this story has been in my head since, oh, 2007 or so. Let's call her Felicity. Back in the day, I tried to write her as a novel, but abandoned it about 20,000 words in; it really wasn't working. But I still love the story -- it's still there in my head. So now I want to make Felicity as a transmedia project instead, as it seems like the most natural thing for me and for her.

That means I'll be going through a lot of process, a lot of thinking about platform choices and structure and budget and business. And as long as I'm going through this process, and going through it for myself and not under any sort of NDA for once, I thought I'd share that process with you. So a new blog series: The Making of Felicity. I'll talk about the kinds of decisions I need to make on my way to a project proposal and possibly even beyond, into implementation. Every step of the way, I'll explain the factors influencing where I land.

I figure we'll all get something out of it: I'll certainly get some valuable feedback from people who would hypothetically be interested in being my audience (right?). I'll also get a little bit of discipline from going through the process in public -- though of course Felicity will always take a back seat to people who are paying money for my time and energy.

And you? You'll get to see my logic laid bare, to compare with your own process. It may be I'll shed light on a decision you were struggling with, or point out an angle you hadn't considered before now. And I'll be as open as I possibly can along the way; no proprietary information withheld, no recipes for secret sauce locked away. I'll give you everything I have. Just a creator and a story. It'll be a good time.

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