SXSW 2012: The Enplannening

Did I tell you I'm going to SXSW? I think I might not have. Hello, internet! I'm going to SXSW!

Better yet, I'm doing a book reading at SXSW. That's right -- this will be the first public outing for A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling. The book still isn't out until June 22, but if all goes well, I'll have a sneak peak for you online by the time March 9 rolls around.

Now, ordinarily, an author's first book reading is a smaller, quieter affair filled with friends and family and not much of anybody else. Lets you cut your teeth privately. SXSW isn't just another ballgame, I'm pretty sure it's an entirely different sport. So I'd love, love, love it if you could come to my reading for moral support -- give me the special sign of the llama from your seat so I know you're one of mine. Here are the details:

Saturday March 10
1pm - 1:20pm
Ballroom G in the Austin Convention Center

As a special added bonus, if you flag me down, I'll have special treats for you. I'll even sign your book right there if you pinky-swear you're going to preorder. How? Though dark magic, that's how. Just wait and see.

But That's Not All

Obviously nobody goes to SXSW for 20 minutes and goes home again, so of course I have some other plans. For one thing, I'll also be doing a Pecha Kucha on Monday night. You should come to that, too! 

Monday March 12
The McGarrah Jessee Building, 121 W. Sixth Street

Aside from that, I'm coming in Friday evening (I should be in town by 8 or so), there's a Transmedia Meetup Sunday night, and I don't leave until Tuesday morning. Want to meet up with me for breakfast, for lunch, for coffee, for a drink? Let's make a plan. It'll be awesome. Just reach out -- you know where to find me.

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