I Am Not a Transmedia Producer

The go-to job title for transmedia work these days seems to be "transmedia producer." As a result, I've been getting a statistically significant number of pings from projects looking for such a transmedia producer; after all, I'm a transmedia person, right? And I'm definitely hustling for work. So surely it's a perfect fit!

But in my lexicon, drawn largely from games and marketing work, a producer is the same thing as a project manager. A producer manages budgets and timelines, obtains approvals, wrangles logistical details. A producer manages the practical and technical half of the equation, not the creative half.

This might be heartbreak caused by differences in cross-industry lingo -- I think in film a producer often has a much more creative role, on top of the basic logistical one. (Correct me if I'm wrong?)

Dealing with those logistics is a crucial, necessary role, and to be fair it's one I've done before -- indeed, I did quite a lot of production work for Perplex City. But it's really not my strong suit these days, and hiring me to do it is a poor use of your money. Those who remember the early days of the IGDA ARG SIG may recall that my arithmetic is legendarily bad. I never once sent out a chat announcement having calculated all of the time zones correctly. Accordingly, I do much, much better in projects where there is someone else handling that incredibly important budgets-and-timelines work.

Me, I'm all about crafting words and interactions. I'm a writer. A content creator. A builder of imaginary cities and conspiracies and lives, either out of nothing at all or built on the foundation of someone else's work. You want a puzzle about genealogy, a lovelorn Tweet stream, a forum full of chatty vampires, a secret history of bees, an encrypted message from Jupiter, six weeks of scripts filled with filthy jokes, then yeah, I'm your girl, let's talk. But if that's what you're looking for, I humbly suggest that you give that role a job title that does not have "producer" in it.

You want someone to make and manage a budget? I love you, you're wonderful, but alas, you're better off finding somebody else for your project. But do call me when you're looking for a creative, as the ad people say.

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