Why You Should Still Fund Balance of Powers

As you may know, Balance of Powers became fully funded on Kickstarter this weekend -- and with several days to spare! So the project is thankfully, blessedly, happily a go no matter what happens next. But we're going to continue our fundraising efforts until the absolute last second. Here's a handy list of reasons why you should still consider helping us out.

1. You want to hear the audio. If we go $2000 over our goal, we're going to add audio content to the project. Audio is an incredibly rich and underused medium, and we think we can pull off something really special.

2. You want all of the content. When we officially launch, we will almost certainly be charging more than our Kickstarter reward levels -- and it's possible some of the things we're offering as Kickstarter rewards won't be available later at any price. Fund us now to lock in your rate and your access!

3. You love us. (Or at least one of us.) Whether you're a fan, a friend, a relative, a secret admirer, or a stranger on the internet who thinks we're funny on Twitter, it is at least plausible that you have a tender spot for one of us in your heart. Helping us to make something we deeply care about is an excellent way to show you care about us!

4. That grail-like business model. I highly suspect many of you want to see if this freemium business model works as badly as we do. We're already committed to running the experiment, and the more money we have, the better a proof of concept this will be. Surely it's worth throwing us a few dollars to see if we can spin a few thousand dollars into an ongoing project. Call it your R&D budget, or better, call it corporate espionage, since that sounds more fun.

5. You forgot until now. Maybe you already meant to fund us and just hadn't got to it yet. There's no time like the present!

So there you have it: Five reasons you should pitch in for Balance of Powers, even though the project is going to go on with or without you. The clock is ticking. Ten days to go! Let's see how high we can push the needle, shall we?

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