Crowdfunding for Everybody!

Thanks to all of you, I am delighted to say that Balance of Powers has funded! We didn't get quite enough to make audio, but we're definitely pleased with the response we got, and we can't wait to start bringing this thing to life. Thank you, seriously.

But! If you happen to have a little spare change still jingling in your pocket, there are a few other noteworthy fundraisers going on that you juuust might want to know about.

First there's Get Tom and Simon to StoryWorld! This is exactly what it says on the box: An effort to raise money for helping Tom Liljeholm and Simon Staffans to come across the pond to StoryWorld. They've already raised a fair bit of money, but every cent more will help these Vikings out. And don't you want Vikings roaming the halls of StoryWorld? Who doesn't! You'd better hurry on this one, though -- less than two days left to give!

Next up, my esteemed colleagues and sometime collaborators Naomi Alderman and Adrian Hon's Six to Start have teamed up to create Zombies, Run! They've blown their fundraising goal out of the water already, with two weeks left, but you probably want to contribute anyway. Because it is a running game. With zombies, man. This is going to be the most awesome fitness application of all time

Last but not least, the very charming Yomi Ayeni is raising funds for The Clockwork Watch -- or more specifically, for printing fees for the first graphic novel in a year-long project designed to include "two graphic novels, interactive promenade theatre, live action role-play, online adventures, an interactive book and a feature film." That's thinking big, and I love it! This one is worth checking out for the delicious sepia-toned art alone.

So there you have it: Three very different crowdfunding appeals, each worthy in their own right. I can't wait to see all of this in action -- especially the wild Vikings. Because Vikings are awesome, that's why.

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