Memories of ARGfest 2011

The night before ARGfest, I had a dream that I went down for my Grand Inquisitor duties in my pajamas, and then everyone was forced to wait around for half an hour while I got ready in real clothes. I'm pretty sure Dream Jonathan Waite rolled his eyes at me. This was probably the most terrible thing that happened at ARGfest this year, and it didn't even actually happen.

Well, that and the lingering guilt -- I was sure I'd be the mildest Inquisitor ARGfest has ever seen, but in fact I found depths of cruelty I hadn't realized were there. As one observer pointed out, "She's kind of an asshole." To those of you who spoke this year... I am so, so sorry. Punch me in the arm next time you see me.

Beyond that, it was a whirlwind of amazing people and great conversation. I got to meet the legendary JC Hutchins, who winds up being supernaturally polite in person. So concerned with not making anyone else feel bad! I am very obviously a terrible human being in comparison to him, as are most of us, frankly. I started asking him some questions that have been on my mind lately, but not enough to develop an actual plan. Must keep thinking. And stalking him, since he is plainly good at this stuff.

And of course I got to spend time in an actual room with David Varela, who I have collaborated with for years and hundreds of thousands of words sight unseen. In fact, this was the first time I'd actually seen him in person since before he was hired by Mind Candy, wayyyyy back in the day, and it was awkward and wonderful and then terribly sad when we had to say goodbye. I have got to get over to London, you guys. Quick, somebody hire me for two days' consulting work over there...

I also got one of the most touching surprises I have ever received while at ARGfest, but it won't make any sense to you unless you happen to be playing Floating City. (Which is even now entering its final days, so if you want to check it out, you should act fast!)

This haunted doll... trust me when I say receiving this is one of the most nicest things that has ever happened to me in connection with a game I've made -- maybe even the very nicest, since Anna Heath's 333 origami cranes weren't sent to me specifically. 

And and and I got to see Sara and Haley and Phoebe and Michael and Alison and TC and Dee and Marie and Michelle and Daniel and Lucas and Sean and Jonathan and Rob and and and so many people that I love but this sentence is getting out of control and I cannot very well namecheck the entire conference. FestQuest was super fun -- I forget sometimes how much I really do love to play -- and people were so kind about accommodating my pesky food issues -- and even though I lost my voice by the end, it was totally, totally worth it.

Good times, man. Good times. Let's do it again next year, OK?

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