Balance of Powers

I've launched or announced an awful lot of projects this year. But I'm hoping you have tolerance for just one more from me, because this is the Big One, the one my heart beats faster for, the one that is a pure work of love. 

Allow me to introduce you to Balance of Powers.

We truly love this world that we're spinning together, and we love the story winding through it. And as for me, I really, really want to see how this business model pans out. (A lot of you are probably wondering the same thing!) Our Kickstarter is asking for a mere $5000, but we're not-so-secretly hoping to blow past that. The more we get, the better we can make the experience.

So if you have a few bucks to spare, please send them our way. If you don't, we'd appreciate it if you could spread the word. Let's bring Balance of Powers to life. And... thanks, you guys.

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