The Transmedia Canon

I'd like to revive the conversation about what belongs in the transmedia canon. It's definitely something the community has discussed before, and will again, but it's also something of an evergreen topic, right? And I have a sneaky ulterior motive here -- this is related to A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling

That's right, fresh on the heels of my denouncing someone else's effort at crowdsourcing, here I am doing a little crowdsourcing of my own! But since the conversation will take place out in the open, I'm hoping all of us can benefit from it.

So: What's your transmedia canon? What are the five or eight or ten examples of prior art you think every new creator should be aware of? And do they represent the scope and breadth of the art, as opposed to ex. being a list of, say, notable film marketing campaigns?

I'll come along and offer my own list in a couple of hours. But mine is very ARG-heavy (natch) and I'd like to develop something with a little more representative of the entirety of the art. Tell me what you think belongs in and why!

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