This Page Intentionally Left Blank

So I'm writing this book, right? And I have this blog, too. And today, I started writing a blog post, but realized midway through that it actually works pretty darn well as one of the last parts of A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storyelling instead. (*Cut and paste to Scrivener.*)

So you don't get to see those particular words today. Sorry, folks.

But I do want to keep the engine turning over here, because I loves you so very much, and I don't want it to be a neverending stream of "Oh hey, look, the interview I did with Thomas Dolby for Floating City is up now" or whatever. Because that would be kind of douchey. Ahem.

There are a bunch of posts I've been meaning to write. My review of Dragon Age 2; my explanation of why I hate the term 'co-creation'; my stock answer to 'what should I charge'; the results-so-far of my Summer Cleanup Game. It turns out, though, that blogging and writing a book while also still doing client work and taking some time to recover from launching 7235580 projects in five months is... not so easy! Who knew?!

But I also think I'd like to give myself permission to write more short, one-off posts, and I... I don't know how, I don't know what. So help me out, guys. Ask me some questions that might lend themselves to short blog posts, will you? I'll try to answer a couple a week, and try to write one big, meaty post a week, and we can check back in the fall to see how it's working out.

Unless there's nothing you guys want to hear from me, which is all right too, I guess. I mean, that's fine, too. No, don't mind me, I'll just be sitting in the corner by myself. I -- I'll be OK. 

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