Fingers Poised Over the Keys...

My calendar is almost entirely clear of conferences and calls for the next six weeks. Floating City is well-launched. The kids are in summer camp. And so it's time to turn to the one big commitment on my plate right now: I must write a book

I've done big writing projects on my own before, and it can get a little lonely to be stuck in your own head without a team of collaborators for very long. So I'd like to share the process with you here.

I might post daily word counts and tell you what I had for lunch, I might tell you what the chapter I'm working on is about, whatever. But this blog is likely to become very book-centric and kooky-personal for a little while. Please bear with me.

To that end: Where am I? Right now, I'm working on turning my outline (I have a pretty thorough outline) into a robust Scrivener document. (I love Scrivener so much, you guys.) I'm also pulling in a bunch of already-written material that will need to be very thoroughly revised. The structure may change around in writing, but it at least gives me something to start with.

Probably no actual word count today, though. I'll get the ball rolling on that one tomorrow. Pinky swear.

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