Exciting Times

As it happens, I am very definitely not the only one who is up to something these days. Why, this week alone has seen two killer announcements that I will now share with you!

First, the eminent Christy Dena announced that she'll soon be launching original content under her own flag, Universe Creation 101. She's describing the work as a "web-based comedy-drama and web service."

And then yesterday, Aina Abiodun, our beloved filmfuturist, announced the creation of Aina Media. She's decided that Hollywood isn't into the same things as her... so she's going to make films to please herself. High-fives, Aina.

I absolutely love the initiative both of these women are taking, and I can't wait to see the fruits of their labor. Big, giant, enormous props are in order. It's a bold step to strike out on your own. I wish both of them nothing but buckets of money and acclaim for their moxie!

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