Canadian Invasion

I am taking over Canada, you guys. Which is to say, my latest round of press and speaking engagements have a distinctly Canadian flavor to them. Mmm, maplicious.

  • I'm starting my invasion by air -- that is, I'm going to be on the CBC Radio show Spark this weekend, in the final episode of their series on Marshal McLuhan. The show will air on Canadian public radio at 1:05pm on May 29. But if you can't wait that long... the podcast is up already.
  • Then, to expand on my infiltration of Canada, I'm going to be in Toronto! I've been invited to speak about transmedia ethics at the FITC Storytelling X.1 conference on June 20. If you're there, please do introduce yourself to me. I'd love to meet you!
  • The talented and charming J.C. Hutchins asked me to come onto his Ultracreatives podcast not so long ago, and I neglected to post about it. It was fun chatting with him, and if you have a listen, I hope you like it, too. He is not Canadian, but he's nice enough you could be forgiven for thinking that he was.
  • And last on the calendar but certainly not least, I will definitely be speaking at ARGfest this year, in Bloomington, Indiana. But to tie into the theme, I'll be there mainly because I simply can't say no to organizer Jonathan Waite, who is, as you may already have guessed... totally Canadian.

And that's a wrap for today. Let's hear it for Canada!

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