America 2049

You guys, in my continuing effort to Totally Win at Transmedia, I launched yet another project on Monday! I can't blame you if you're getting tired of me and my launch announcements, but just... hear me out. This is the big one. The important one. The one I've put a full year of sweat and anxiety into.

It's a Facebook game with transmedia elements, and it's called America 2049.

To my knowledge, it's the first Facebook game to be completely narrative-driven, and the first Facebook game to make such extensive use of video and out-of-Facebook components. Not to mention the only Facebook game to star the likes of Victor Garber, Harold Perrineau, Margaret Cho, Cherry Jones, and Anthony Rapp. (Who totally spoke my words, OMG! Writer heaven!) As with other projects I've done this year, this game is trying a new balance between story, community, and gameplay.

This game is wicked ambitious, and I have been frankly completely terrified about launching it lo these many weeks.

That's because the fantastic people at Breakthrough, and particularly my collaborator Heidi Boisvert, gave me a truly phenomenal amount of creative freedom in developing the narrative for this project. And I used that freedom to speak to a lot of issues I care about very deeply, in as nuanced and authentic a way as I knew how. When you pour so much of your heart into a project, you inevitably worry about how it will be received; any judgment can feel like your own soul is being judged.

I... think maybe I shouldn't have worried quite so much, though? Or at least, so far, the press have been very kind indeed.

America 2049 plays out in short episodes, one a week for the next twelve weeks; but you can join in from the beginning at any time, and the game is meant to be completely replayable. Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

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